What is Avascular Necrosis:

If you are wondering what exactly is “avascular necrosis” well the name says it all Avascular – lack of blood supply leads to Necrosis – dying of the body’s tissues or cells. Bone is one of the hardest tissue or the body. Just like every other cell and tissue in the body, it needs nourishing blood supply to maintain its strength and growth. Due to a medical condition or accidental impact the blood supply can stops. Consequently, the bone is no longer has the nutrition to replenish and starts to decay. When blood supply to the hip joint specifically the femur head is blocked the femur head starts to decay and the condition is called Avascular Necrosis of the femur.

Why does Avascular Necrosis of the femur occur:ANV in Hip and Femur joint

  1. AVN mostly occurs in individuals between the ages of 20-50 years. Even though the main cause of AVN is not known but some common trends have been identified which can lead to AVN.
  2. Trauma to the Bone or Joint: An Injury such as an accident or dislocation can damage nearby blood vessels. Thereby, limiting or blocking he re blood completely. Hence, triggering AVN.
  3. Chronic Corticosteroid use: AVN has been witnessed in patients who have used (over used in most cases) steroids. Steroids might have been used for performance improvement or in medicines to treat a previous skin or other ailment. These drugs are known to limit the body’s ability to breakdown fatty substances. These fatty substances get deposited in the blood vessels. This causes narrowing and eventual block of the blood vessel.
  4. Excessive alcohol use: Alcohol use is know to have similar effect that of steroid use.
  5. Other medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions that affect the normal flow of the blood are known to trigger AVN. Conditions like Gaucher’s disease, Sickle cell disease, Pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas, Radiation therapy or chemotherapy, Autoimmune diseases

But why is AVN common in femur head of the hip joint:

AVN affects other sites like shoulder, knees, shoulder and ankles. However, it’s most commonly seen in Hip Joint. Why this happens is one of the many mysteries of the human body. However, one school of thought suggests that the anatomy of the hip joint and the nature of blood vessel in the femur head make them more susceptible to AVN. Unlike other joints the femur blood flowing in from only one end hence.

How can AVN be identified?

Avascular necrosis does not exhibit any particular symptom. However, recurrent pain in the hip or other joint can be due to AVN. Hence, its always recommended to consult an orthopaedic. He can do a clinical examination to identify the cause of pain. If he suspects AVN, he might recommend an x-ray & MRI of the hip joint to confirm the same.

Treatment Options for AVN in Mumbai:

  1. Manual therapy & medication: If AVN is diagnosed just at the onset phsyiotehrapy & Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs might be recommended to prevent further damage to the joint.
  2. Core decompression: If a part of the joint is already damaged , a hip replacement surgeon might removes part of the bone. This new space created stimulated the body to generate new blood vessels and bone formation. Consequently, the progression of AVN is curbed preventing future damage and eliminating joint pain.
  3. Hip Replacement: In Patients where the joint is severely damages a Hip Replacement might be the only solution. However, conventional hip replacements are generally recommended for older people as they are not suitable for young patients. Primary problem in performing hip replacement surgery in younger patients is the concern of wearing out the implant. However, with Anatomical hip replacement this problem is addressed.
  4. Anatomical Hip Replacement: Until now the option for hip replacement for young patients was non-existent in Mumbai. However, we are pleased to say that the introduction of Anatomical hip replacement by us allows even young patients to undergo hip replacement. This new innovation in hip implants mimics the natural anatomy of the hip offering better life expectancy and quality. You can read more about it here https://boneandjointcare.co.in/services/anatomical-hip-replacement-surgery/

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