Patients with Metal Allergies can undergo knee replacement surgery without any worries

We are glad to inform that we are the first to introduce Golden Knee Repalcement Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Why Golden Knee Replacement?

Regular knee implants, made of chromium or cobalt tend to release metal ions in the body. In patients who have metal allergy, these metal ions can cause inflammation in the knee area and eventually cause complications like infection, pus formation and severe knee pain. Hence, for such patients, a Golden Knee Surgery is generally suggested. The implant used for this surgery has a gold colored Titanium-Nitride/Zirconium nitride coating. Not only does the golden knee implant prevents any allergic reaction with the body, but also, is more durable and has a longer life.

What is Golden Knee Replacement?

It’s is a total knee replacement surgery which employs a special knee implant which has a Titanium-Nitride/Zirconium nitride coating. This added coating gives the implant a golden colored look, hence, the name.

Who should undergo Golden Knee Replacement?

Even though any patient who is a candidate can opt for Golden knee replacement. It is preferably advisable for patient who have any kind of metal allergy.

What are the benefits of Golden Knee Replacement?

  1. Implant does not cause any allergic reaction with the body.
  2. The added titanium coating increases the durability of the implant
  3. The implants lasts longer than a regular knee implant
  4. The surgical outcomes are much better with these knee implant than conventional implants

Here is what Mrs. Priti Takkar has to say about her Knee Replacement :

Golden knee implant

goldden knee implant