During the olden days the total knee replacement surgery required a cut in the muscle. Consequently, patients had walk with a Stick for months until the muscle completely healed itself. However, with the latest Painless & minimal-Stitch Knee replacement surgery no muscle cut takes place. Hence, the patient can start walking with a stick, as soon as, 1 day.

Now you must be wondering then why are we asking you to take the stick with you.. well it’s not because post TKR a patient cannot walk without a stick but to help them have a safer journey. Especially in the monsoon season.

  1.  Extra Support & Balance: Even though latest total knee replacement surgery provide the benefit of allowing you to walk freely in a few days/weeks, you still need to make sure your don’t do any sudden jerk, miss-step or worst of all have a fall on the operated. We need to understand that most footpath or walkways in Mumbai have certain undulations. Add to that the rain factor which increases these dips not to mention they often become slipper. At such times a walking stick can provide that extra sense of security while walking on such a surface.
  2. To Tell others you just had a surgery without actually saying it: Often in Mumbai’s crowded places like bus/train stations, walk-ways or malls people tend to accidentally bump into each other. The occurrence of such an instance increases in a crowded place. However, if you ha a walking stick in had people are a bit more mindful and tend to be more careful around you. Hence, preventing any unnecessary push
  3. Find your way through a flooded street: If you live in Mumbai, chances are you might find yourself in a water-logged street at some point in time during the monsoon season. At such times, a walking stick is a blessing in disguise. Not only, will the stick provide extra support, so you can wade through the water. But also, helps you check if the path ahead is safe to step. So always keep your walking stick handy if you are planning a trip outside.

The last thing we want is for you to have a fall. Not only will this cause you unnecessary discomfort and pain but in worse cases the implant might dislocate. Following which you might have to undergo a revision knee surgery.

So please carry your waking stick wherever you go. Yes it’s is irritating to have to carry an umbrella a walking stick together. Yes might make you feel a bit embarrassed but hey your health and well being is of utmost priority here. Unless you want to enjoy those painful days again.

So stay safe and enjoy this monsoon season responsibly.