Metal Allergys will no longer stop Navi Mumbaikars from undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery

 Dr. Shailendra Patil has introduced Golden Knee Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai. He performed the first Golden knee replacement Surgery of Navi Mumbai at Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi.

Shalini Sawant a 55 year old resident of Navi Mumbai, has been suffering from severe knee pain. However, being allergic to metal’s she was unable to undergo knee replacement surgery. Until she consulted Dr. Shailendra Patil, who recommended a Golden Knee replacement.

golden knee replacementA Golden Knee replacement uses a special knee implant made of Zirconium or has a coating of Titanium-Nitride. This implant is specifically beneficial for metal allergic patient as it has 70% reduction in oxidation level in the implant as compared to conventional implants. As the Zirconium and Titanium-Nitride used in these knee implants give the knee implant a visual appearance of being Gold in colour. Hence, the knee surgery which employs these implants are called Golden Knee replacement Surgery.

Most conventional knee implants are made of cobalt chromium and nickel alloys. These metals used in the implants generally release metal ions when contacted with the human tissues by a process known as oxidation. In Patients who are allergic to metal these metal ions lead to inflammation of the area in contact with the metal. This leads to severe pain and infection of the knee. Eventually, the joint must be removed causing severe discomfort to the patient. However, a Golden knee implant does not cause any allergic reaction with the human tissues allowing patients with metal allergies to undergo a Knee surgery. Hence, helping them overcome their knee pain.

 Benefits of Golden Knee Replacement:

  1. Implant does not cause any allergic reaction with the body.
  2. These implants are more durable & lasts longer than a regular knee implant
  3. The surgical outcomes are much better with these knee implant than conventional implants as there the oxidation levels are considerably low.

 How to identify if you have Metal Allergies:

Majority of people with metal allergies have Nickel allergies as it is mostly used in jewelleries. The area of the skin that comes in contact with the metal witness’s rash formation. In patients with severe cases its lead to more complications.  Some people have similar symptoms with other metals aswell. One can get a metal allergy test done by visiting a dermatologist.

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