How Overweight People Can Avoid Knee Pain & even Knee Surgery in later life?

How Overweight people can avoid knee pain and even Knee surgery in later life?
Posted On January 21, 2019 / By / Posted in Joint Replacement Surgery

How Overweight People Can Avoid Knee Pain & even Knee Surgery in later life?

Knee pain is one of the most common health complications among Obese people. If such people keep’s ignoring their knee pain & do not take precautionary steps they may end up with

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why are ACL Injuries so common in Thane, Navi Mumbai
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Why is the ACL so Vulnerable to Injury?

When the knees of a person get twisted harshly or are stretched further than its usual extent of motion, ACL injury occurs. Basically, the injury is classified into three phases ranging from

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Can diabetics undergo Knee replacement
Posted On September 8, 2018 / By / Posted in diabetology

Diabetes & Knee Replacement Surgery: What you need to know?

Leading a diabetic life is by no means an easy task; add to that the need of a knee replacement surgery can at times create a lot of confusion. If you are

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Posted On August 8, 2018 / By / Posted in Joint Replacement Surgery

3 Critical Signs that you need a Knee Replacement Surgery

People generally have the tendency of ignoring joint pain unless the pain adversely prevent them from carrying out their day to day activity. We often see patients who come to us when

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walking stick after knee replacement
Posted On July 30, 2018 / By / Posted in Joint Replacement Surgery

Post Knee Surgery: Why you should use a Walking Stick this Monsoon Season

During the olden days the total knee replacement surgery required a cut in the muscle. Consequently, patients had walk with a Stick for months until the muscle completely healed itself. However, with

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Mumbaikars: Here’s How you may be hurting your knee, You don’t even know it?

We Mumbaikars typically lead a rather hectic lifestyle. Most of us are on the go right from the minute we wake-up First to go for a morning walk or complete daily house

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How walking might be doing more harm than good for your knee Pain?

It’s a well-known fact that walking for just 30 mins a day can significantly improve your health. Walking can improve circulation, heart health, digestion, boost immune system, strengthen bones… the list is

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