The prime objective of total knee replacement surgery is to treat the sever knee pain of the patient and help him resume, most if not all, activities he could perform before. A lot of patients are skeptical of the activities that they can perform post-surgery. So here we are listing most of the activities you can do after a Total Knee Replacement Surgery. Even though most of these activities cannot be done from the day of the surgery but after proper post-surgery rehab you can expect perform them. Hence, it’s important to check with your knee surgeon before engaging in these activities.

So lets start:

  1. Go for Long Walks Pain Free: After the knee replacement surgery the pain or discomfort in your knee would have reduced by 90% and will gradually reduce further. You can now go for longer walks in the morning or evening and enjoy outdoor as you please. Just remember to take frequent breaks to avoid over exerting yourself.
  2. Sit Cross-legged: One of the most common question patients ask us is if they can sit cross legged well… Now you can. Latest advanced knee implants used by Dr. Shailendra Patil allows patients to sit crossed legged. But again we ask to limit it’s activity post operation as this loads ur implant and it’s long term effects are not good.. So for better longevity of surgery one should do such activities very selectively…..
  3. Do Yoga: Well you can now do that pranayama and get back in touch with your soul and not worry about the knee pain as the latest knee implants allow for a better range of motion. No more knee pain means you can concentrate on your breathing and not on your knee.
  4. Go For a swim: Swimming is a low impact exercise which can not only be a great way to relax and unwind, but also, helps exercise the muscles supporting the knee. Consequently, improving the life of your implant.
  5. Play Cricket: Yes, you can now play cricket. As long as, you don’t run and jerk you knee its safe to play. You can very well stand and do batting hitting fours and sixers is fine but running is a definite no no….
  6. Start Driving your Car or Bike: Post knee replacement surgery, once you have regained your strength and reflex of the knee you can soon resume driving. However, it’s important not to do long drives of above 1 hr at a stretch. Best to take frequent breaks if its not possible to avoid long drives.
  7. Go on a trip: Most of the knee replacement patients have ideally suffered for more than 1-2 years with severe knee pain before opting for the surgical option. During this time where even they went they have had to take their knee pain with them. At times they had to avoid going out and enjoying their trip entirely. However, those days are behind you now. You can now go on that leisure trip you always wanted to or revisit that place you could not enjoy earlier.
  8. Travel By Air: For patients with knee pain sitting in the crammed aeroplane seats can be a gruelling task. The hours of inactivity and change in pressure can lead to reduced circulation and swelling of the knee joints aggravating the condition. However, now you can forget that notion of unease and enjoy a relatively pleasant ride the next time you plane for a flight trip.
  9. Resume Sexual Activity: Gone are the days of having sleepless painful nights you can now enjoy the night with your better half. Please consult your doctor to know how to safely resume this activity.

Now that you don’t have to worry about your knee pain go on and enjoy you life. If you are postponing your surgery we suggest you think again and say yes to a pain-free healthy lifestyle.