ACL Reconstruction under Dr. Shailedra Patil:

Dr. Shailendra Patil is one of the leading arthroscopic surgeons in Mumbai, with a fellowship in Sports Medicine (Joint Arthroscopy) & Joint Reconstructive Surgery from Germany. He has managed many patients with ACL tear by performing ACL reconstruction surgery and rehabilitation.

The ACL Reconstruction treatment process:

  1. Initial Assessment:

    • An initial clinically assessment of the knee is done to diagnose the problem.
    • Normally an X-ray &/or MRI is suggested to understand the nature of the tear. Also to check if the tear is only in the ACL or is there a meniscus tear aswel.
    • If there is NO tear- knee strengthening and stabilisation exercises are suggested.
  2. Surgery if ACL tear present

    • Based on the reports an ACL reconstruction and if required meniscus repair is suggested.
    • The Surgery is done by Dr. Shailendra Patil and take about 1-2 hours. The surgery is performed at a leading hospital in Thane & Navi Mumbai.
    • Patient is discharged from the hospital the next day.
  3. Post ACL Surgery

    • First couple of weeks the Patient has to take rest with minimal load to the knee.
    • After 2 weeks, the patient undergoes rehabilitation program to regain strength, stability, and range of motion to the knee. This is done under the constant guidance of support of Dr. Shailendra Patil & his team especially physiotherapist.d) after 3-4 weeks of surgery pt. Is fit to walk unaided and ready to join office work.
    • If the patient wish to activelly participate in professional high contact sports then he has to follows the rehab program diligently, he/she can get back to full active participation like playing sports like football, cricket, badminton etc. in a span of 5- 6months.
  4. Post Surgery Rehabilitation

    • The patient can gradually include high impact activities in his daily routines.
    • The ACL graft used is generally stronger than the natural ligament, Hence, the chances of reoccurrence are low. Provided the patient continues his daily exercise and healthy lifestyle. C) and there is absolutely no limitations of activities post reconstruction surgery. He can enjoy all activities like any other person…

What Patients have to say post ACL construction Surgery:

Review By Dr. Snehal Chheda - After 1 year of surgery

Review By Hardik Somaiya for ACL Reconstruction:

Very professional yet friendly approach. He understood the problem, suggested MRI to know the problem and we exactly knew that there was an ACL tear after the MRI report came in. He suggested if I ever wanted to run again then I’ll have to get ACL reconstruction done. We went ahead with the same and now I’m feeling quite better, hopefully I’ll be able to run soon. Don’t think twice before consulting Dr. Shailendra Patil.