Diabetes & Knee Replacement Surgery: What you need to know?

Can diabetics undergo Knee replacement
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Diabetes & Knee Replacement Surgery: What you need to know?

Leading a diabetic life is by no means an easy task; add to that the need of a knee replacement surgery can at times create a lot of confusion. If you are

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3 Critical Signs that you need a Knee Replacement Surgery

People generally have the tendency of ignoring joint pain unless the pain adversely prevent them from carrying out their day to day activity. We often see patients who come to us when

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walking stick after knee replacement
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Post Knee Surgery: Why you should use a Walking Stick this Monsoon Season

During the olden days the total knee replacement surgery required a cut in the muscle. Consequently, patients had walk with a Stick for months until the muscle completely healed itself. However, with

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Post knee replacement surgery
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9 Activities you can do after a Total Knee Replacement

The prime objective of total knee replacement surgery is to treat the sever knee pain of the patient and help him resume, most if not all, activities he could perform before. A

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Golden Knee Replacement Now in Navi Mumbai

Metal Allergys will no longer stop Navi Mumbaikars from undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery  Dr. Shailendra Patil has introduced Golden Knee Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai. He performed the first Golden knee replacement

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Total Knee Replacement Or Partial Knee Replacement Which Is The Best Course Of Treatment…

Knee replacement surgery is one of the best treatment options for severe knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Hence, Total knee replacement surgery has become a very common surgery these days in India

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This Is What You Should Keep In Mind If You Are Postponing Knee Replacement Surgery

To have one’s beloved god given body part replaced with a metal part is scary business and rightfully so. The very thought of undergoing a surgery like knee replacement can scare the

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